Stornoway : Western Isles Hospital



Faced with extreme weather conditions on a regular basis, never was a hospital helipad so deserving of an upgrade. The poor surface of the existing Air Ambulance landing area meant that wheeled stretchers risked getting stuck in the soft grass and vital time being lost when rushing critically ill patients to mainland hospitals.

The Help Appeal stepped forward to fully fund the complete works associated with bringing their helipad up to the desired standard.

The state-of-the-art upgrade has made a huge difference to seriously ill and trauma patients in one of the northernmost points of the country.

“I can only thank the HELP Appeal most sincerely for their kindness, for making themselves known to us and then funding the work in its entirety.
They had a no-nonsense, straightforward approach. They were very quick to make decisions, very prompt in their responses and very positive. All round, I found it a very positive and somewhat humbling experience and one for which I will always remain grateful. Looking back at the challenge with the helipad surface, the stretcher wheels would not traverse grass so this was a problem in terms of getting any patient on and off the helicopter and to the edge of the pad. Now the helicopter can land, open the door and out comes the stretcher. It may sound dramatic but every second counts, it really does, when a patient needs to be evacuated. The quicker the transition to and from the helicopter can be, it can give us vital minutes which are extremely important to patients in terms of eventual outcome.”

Gordon Jamieson, NHS Western Isles Chief Executive