Glasgow: The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital



As part of an enhanced network of care, there are plans to establish four specialist Major Trauma Centres in Scotland, from 2016. The Scottish Government predicts that these bases will provide life-saving treatment to 1,200 patients a year, by speeding up access to the specialist care they require.

Positioned on the rooftop of The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and Royal Hospital For Children, and with funding support from the HELP Appeal, a large helipad sits at the heart of this brand new state-of-the-art facility. Its size enables larger search and rescue helicopters, such as Sea Kings, to land as well.


The helipad’s efficient design results in further time savings – the Air Ambulance can be met by a team of specialists and then the patient taken down a ramp on a trolley, directly into the appropriate treatment room.

“I would like, on behalf of our staff and patients, to personally thank the HELP Appeal for their magnificent donation. It’s bringing real benefits to patients and helping save lives across Scotland.”

Andrew Robertson, Chairman, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde