Southampton General Hospital



Southampton General had been working towards a new on-site helipad for some time and the HELP Appeal funded two thirds of the necessary costs to get the project off the ground. Situated on top of the hospital’s main car park, it means that patients are now just a short trolley push down the ramp directly into the expert care of waiting consultants.

And critically, up to half an hour has been shaved from previous transfer times.


The new helipad represents a crucial piece of life-saving equipment for the hospital and is playing a key role in helping critically ill patients in the region. Since it opened in 2011, over 1,000 Air Ambulance landings have been recorded.

“The helipad will save lives and improve outcomes for a wide range of patients across Hampshire – including the Isle of Wight, Wiltshire, Dorset and beyond and is one of the few helipads in the UK that can receive critically ill patients 24 hours a day. Southampton General Hospital serves as the Major Trauma Centre for the region and provides specialist children’s services for the whole of the south of England. It also provides specialist care for patients suffering strokes, heart attacks and other critical illnesses. This helipad will offer many more people access to the care they require.”

Dr. Andy Eynon, Director of Major Trauma, University Hospital, Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHSFT)