London : St. George’s Hospital





By significantly reducing transfer times to the Major Trauma Centre, the helipad at St George’s Hospital in South West London is helping to save the lives of many critically ill patients being flown in by the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance and others.

Positioned on the roof of the St. James Wing, it means that people with serious injuries, such as those caused by road accidents, shootings, stabbings, major burns and falls-from-height, can now be treated more immediately.


The helicopter is able to land directly on the roof of the hospital rather than having to fly to locations further afield. From here, patients can then taken directly to the Emergency Department via a dedicated lift, saving many vital minutes, at a critically important time.

This was the second hospital helipad in London and the first south of the river. We’re proud to say that the start point for its development was the £1m grant from the HELP Appeal.


“The helipad is a great resource for the hospital and will make a huge difference to the trauma patients we receive here. Our Major Trauma Centre already has the facilities and staff to provide expert care and with the addition of the new helipad, we can now deliver treatment faster than ever before.”

Heather Jarman, Clinical Director for Major Trauma at St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust