Sheffield Northern General Hospital.



The process started with an acknowledgement that the last helipad, built over 20 years ago, was no longer properly fit for the increasing demands of today. It was within a hilly area, surrounded by trees, which made landing an Air Ambulance an unnecessarily challenging procedure and, because of the distance from the Emergency Department, it required a secondary transfer to reach the hospital. All this took extra time and created additional complexity and risks for patients.

Now a modern, fully operational helipad, serving the needs of a local population of 1.8 million, means that critically ill patients are a quick trolley push away from a consultant-led specialist team with access to the very best diagnostic and life-saving treatment facilities.

In the first 20 days since its opening, there were 10 Air Ambulance landings; confirmation of its real value to the community.

A Grant of over £1m from the HELP Appeal played a huge part in realising the aims and ambitions that Sheffield Hospital had.


“We are indebted to the HELP Appeal for their extremely generous support of our appeal for a primary helipad. For our staff to know that patients injured closest to our MTC will no longer be flown elsewhere with better landing facilities is huge for us, and the large chunks of time saved when each Air Ambulance arrives means that we now have the very best chance of saving more lives. Thank you.”

Dr. Stuart Reid, Consultant Emergency Physician and Trust Clinical Lead for Major Trauma HEMS Doctor, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland Air Ambulance