REAL LIFE STORIES AND THE DIFFERENCE WE MADE                                 

Air Ambulances fly thousands of missions each year, each with varying consequences, some fatal or life changing, whilst others are true success stories. For many the ordeal is too traumatic to recount day after day, but for others it’s an opportunity to make a difference and give back their support for the teams and facilities that made their recoveries possible.

These real life stories opposite provide us with first hand insight into what it’s like to go through this ordeal.

However, as these stories demonstrate, helipads can and do make a real difference in helping to save lives and improve a patient’s chances of recovery from a serious injury.

If you have had a similar experience and are willing to share it with us, then please contact us directly. It’s stories like yours that can help teach others about the importance of Helipads and the time factor to act quickly and swiftly – Tell us your story