The HELP Appeal provides non-repayable grants towards the cost of new or improvements to helipads. Its effectiveness relies, in large part, on the powerful links we are able to establish with many key partners.

We value the huge support and encouragement we receive from Air Ambulance Charities around the country – this close cooperation is important in developing the network of landing points with direct access to specialist Emergency Departments, to ensure that the UK Helicopter Emergency Medical Service [HEMS], provides the very best service to patients.


Our focussed and targeted marketing campaigns have been successful in continuing to create awareness of the HELP Appeal. We are building on this profile to ensure that our fund raising aspirations are achieved and then applied to maintain a facility, which any one of us might need at any time.

We work with Air Ambulance Charities around the country, helping to save time and lives.


The HELP Appeal would like to thank the various Air Ambulance Charities for use of many of the pictures featured on our website.

Robert Bertram, Chief Executive, HELP Appeal