Air Ambulances are committed to getting the right resource to the right patient, in the right timeframe, every time.

However, this determination can often be limited by the lack of night flying capabilities.

For our part, the HELP Appeal is doing all it can to provide Major Trauma Centres and A&E Hospitals with the necessary new or upgraded base infrastructure to enable night landing and so support the specialist skills of the pilots and clinical teams.

The installation of the latest lighting systems for example, mean that serious trauma incidents and patient transfers can be handled more speedily and safely during the hours of darkness.


“We are building upon the infrastructure with the support of the HELP Appeal to reach more patients, especially in rural areas where the speed of transport to specialist centres helps improve their outcomes. This can only be achieved if we improve our lit helipad network.”

Becky Tinsley, Air Operations Manager, Midlands Air Ambulance Charity