Meet Harvey

A half term nightmare

For an active seven year old, half term holidays and an adventure playground all sounded like the right ingredients for fun. But disaster struck for Harvey when a huge wooden pole supporting the swing on which he was playing, snapped and hit his head as it crashed to the ground.

Paramedics, quickly on the scene, immediately recognised that speed was of the essence and scrambled the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance. With his mother Faye, Harvey was airlifted from Crawley to St. George’s Hospital, London, landing 11 minutes later on the helipad, which had opened the day before.

An immediate CT scan revealed that Harvey’s skull had been broken in two places and there was a bleed on his brain. The doctors performed a risky, four-hour operation to save his life.

Eight days after his accident, Harvey was gently brought out of his medically induced coma. Further surgery was required and then a lengthy period of hospital care, before which he was able to return home. His brother Dylan, was happy to have his ‘best friend’ back!


“I am so glad that the helipad was open. The paramedics were incredible and I am convinced that the speed of our journey and the brilliance of the air ambulance team and the medical care at St. George’s saved my son’s life.”

Faye, Harvey's Mum