Meet Freddie

Help save lives like Freddie’s 

Freddie Braithwaite-Exely loved his rugby. Until the day the game he played for fun nearly killed him. Injured in a ruck, he knew instantly something was badly wrong.

A broken and dislocated neck was quickly diagnosed and the Air Ambulance summoned.

One false move in a situation like this can easily cause more damage, even permanent paralysis. And time is absolutely critical. Any pressure applied to the spinal cord by the injury can starve vital parts of the body of oxygen. The longer it’s left untreated, the more sharply the odds of a full recovery fall.

But Freddie was in luck. Airlifted to the newly built helipad at Oswestry, he landed seconds away from where a skilled surgeon was waiting to save him from life in a wheelchair.

He is now walking again and well on the road to recovery.

But in places where there are no helipads at our hospitals, Freddie’s story could well have ended in tragedy.

As people like Freddie know only too well, any of us might need the Air Ambulance at any time.