Meet Lesley

Lesley Knight is a very special person and the face of the HELP Appeal

In March 2008 Lesley lost her only child, a lovely boy called Thomas, after an accident in the road.

Tom was airlifted with his mother to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where all possible efforts were made to save his life.



In a road ambulance the journey would have taken forty minutes. The Air Ambulance took just six minutes BUT had to land on the road rather than directly at the hospital.


Since that day, Lesley has been focusing her attention on raising funds for the HELP Appeal and has become the embodiment of what the charity stands for.

“I just want to ensure that every hospital has a suitable helipad for Air Ambulances to land on.”

Lesley Knight

As a primary HELP Appeal spokesperson, Lesley is available for events and would welcome the chance to come and explain more about the HELP Appeal and the many ways in which you can support the charity.